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Peace Officer Standards and Training agencies and academies provide challenging opportunities for professional, managerial and administrative employment. POST agencies throughout the United States offer competitive salary, government job benefits, career advancement and an unparalleled opportunity to serve as part of a team committed to improving the quality of law enforcement and the safety and effectiveness of peace officers.

Law Enforcement Academy Instructor


Preference may be given to those who are currently Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy certified Custody and Control Instructors.

Candidates with a degree in police science/criminal justice plus six years as a law enforcement officer, including four years with responsibility for classroom training or on-the-job instruction preferred.

**Must successfully pass annual competency tests for use of force, quarterly competency tests for firearms, and semi-annually for physical fitness

**POST Instructor Certification

**Peace and/or Detention Officer certifiable

**Ability to obtain and maintain a Class C Wyoming driver's license and to drive and travel throughout the state

**Successful applicants are required to pass a background investigation

Agency:  Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy - Training
Location:  Douglas, WY
Salary/Range:  $4,414.00 - $5,517.00 Monthly
How to Apply:  To see the full job description, qualifications and/or apply for this position, please click on the following link

Or you can visit  site, and under "About Us" you will find "A Career with WLEA" link where you will find the open position.

Application Deadline:  11/1/2014
Contact Name:

Executive Director

This position is responsible for leadership, operations and administrative oversight of the Peace Officers’ Standards and Training Commission which has the authority to set professional standards for the hiring, training, ethical conduct, certification and decertification of all Nevada peace officers. Further, the Commission provides basic law enforcement training on a statewide basis to State and local criminal justice agencies. The Commission also has the responsibility to ensure that all Nevada peace officers and their agencies comply with established statutes and regulations. This position plans, organizes and directs the statewide law enforcement education and employee development programs for law enforcement personnel.

With the advice of the Commission, this position is responsible for appointing employees, agents, consultants and other staff of the Commission and prescribe their duties; administer and direct the daily operation of the staff and resources of the Commission; inspect academies for training peace officers, and issue and revoke certificates of approval to such academies; certify qualified instructors for approved courses of training for peace officers and issue appropriate certificates to instructors;  certify peace officers who have satisfactorily completed courses of training for peace officers and issue basic, intermediate, advanced and management professional certificates to peace officers; make recommendations to the Commission concerning the issuance of executive certificates; cause annual audits to be made relating to the operation of academies for training peace officers; consult and cooperate with academies for training peace officers concerning the development of the basic and advanced training programs for peace officers; consult and cooperate with academies for training peace officers concerning the development of specialized courses of study in this State for peace officers in the areas of police science, police administration, corrections, probation, the social sciences and other related areas; consult and cooperate with other departments and agencies of this State and of local governments concerning the training of peace officers; report to the Commission at the regular meetings of the Commission and at such other times as the Commission may require, and recommend the denial, suspension or revocation of certification of a peace officer to the Commission as deemed necessary; execute contracts on behalf of the Commission; and perform any other acts necessary and appropriate to the carrying out of the duties of the Executive Director of the Commission.

Minimum Qualifications:

At least 2 years’ experience in mid-level management or administration in a law enforcement, peace officer and/or POST agency with responsibility for budget preparation, personnel management, training, and related areas. The experience must have included:

·         Experience in oversight of auditing for program compliance

·         Experience developing peace officer curriculum

·         Experience conducting formal adult training

·         Experience in contract development

·         Experience in budget oversight

·         Experience providing testimony in front of a legislative committee, public board or commission

·         Experience in federal and state laws pertaining to peace officer standards

·         Experience in law enforcement and criminal procedures

·         Experience working with the state legislature, local political officials, including police chiefs, fire chiefs, sheriffs, court and corrections officials

·         Experience in policy development

·         Experience in the principles and practices of management, including planning, organizing, directing, motivating, controlling and decision making

·         Experience in public speaking

·         10 years’ experience as a sworn law enforcement/peace officer

Agency:  Nevada POST
Location:  Carson City, Nevada
Salary/Range:  Up to $95, 453 plus benefits. Salary range reflects retirement (PERS) contributions by both the employee and employer. An employer paid contribution plan is also available with a reduced salary. *Please Note: Furlough Leave is mandatory for Nevada State employees and will result in a reduction of income of approximately 2.3% starting July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2015. The salary listed above does not reflect the reduction from the required furlough.
How to Apply:  

Submit Resumes no later than 5pm on November 24, 2014 to:

Department of Administration, Division of Human Resource Management

Attn:  Kara Sullivan  

209 E. Musser St.

Carson City, NV  89701

(In subject line of email: Executive Director POST)

Application Deadline:  11/25/2014
Contact Name:  Kara Sullivan
Contact Telephone:
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